Become a Lift Legend and Drive Your Drunken Parents or Friends Back Home

Have you ever received a call from your parents or your siblings or friends while they were tipsy and needed someone to drive them safely back home? This happens to each one of us especially during festive season. Were you able to help them?

If your answer is a no, then you must first get started with your driving classes to learn this life saving skill. Yes, you heard it right. Drinking and driving is a strict no. It’s major risk to the lives of many people on the road.

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Safety tips to be followed by teenage drivers

Driving when you are tipsy could prove to be fatal. One should always drive sober to follow road safety protocols.

Teenagers are statistically more involved in fatal accidents as compared to adult drivers. If you are new to driving, here are some safety tips you can follow:

  • Wear the seat belt at all times even during neighbourhood trips. Seat belts helps in distributing the force of a car crash over stronger and broader parts of your body and could be essential in preventing a fatal accident.
  • Never use your mobile phone while driving. It is reported to be one of the major reasons behind car crashes involving teenagers.
  • Avoid speeding at all costs. Never involve yourself in a race with others. It will not just avoid accidents but will also help you to stay away from traffic fines.
  • Use side and rear mirrors to keep yourself at a safe distance from other vehicles on the road.
  • Always check for blind spots before parking, on a three-point road turn, while changing lanes, before taking a turn, and before merging with the rest of the traffic. Make it your second nature to check them frequently.
  • Road safety rules suggest that you must have zero alcohol level in your blood especially when you are a teenage driver. Alcohol affects your reaction time and hence could prove fatal.
  • If you are sleepy, you are not in charge of your coordination skills. Avoid driving for some time till you feel more awake or ask others to give you a lift.
  • Turning your headlights on even during the day hours can make you visible on the road and prevent any incidents of collision.
  • When you are new to driving on the road, make sure to take less passengers especially friends. Peer pressure can cause you to take risky moves and high-speed driving.
  • Do not drive when you feel stressed or have been involved in a conflict. This can greatly affect driving ability and road coordination. Take time to relax before getting back on the road.

Get ready to listen to the songs and stories from your drunken parents on your way to home. Enjoy little secrets of wine drenched friends when you agree to become their designated driver. Protect yourself and others from fatal car crashes. Drive safely and responsibly.