Spots Where to Install Your Hidden Cameras at Home

It is natural for homeowners to always consider the safety of their family members and that is the reason we avoid talking to strangers, especially when they look suspicious. But when they are in a desperate situation and you know that these strangers need help, we should not turn a blind eye to them so try helping in the way you can. However, they are still strangers so you should avoid inviting them to your house and this is something that you should not offer.

If they are homeless, then there is a place for them to go and these are facilities where they can get a bed to sleep, as well as food to eat so you should hand them over to the right people. I guess that won’t be a bad idea because you are just trying to help them, but you should not forget that some of them are con artists who are trying to sneak into your property. These individuals have their ways and means of fooling people nowadays that’s why we have to be alert at all times.

Since con artists and thieves are just around the corner, the more that we should take care of our family and focus on securing our homes. I guess we can start by installing a hidden camera because it would be helpful in monitoring activities indoors and outdoors as well. But keep in mind that these devices vary in size, quality, and feature so you need to choose what type you need and also where you are going to install these which is something to greatly consider.

Front Door

When you are not home, strangers may enter your property and will knock on your door to check if someone is around. If you have installed a hidden security camera on the front door, then you will know who comes and go. These people may have their intentions and reasons for coming which you are not aware of so make sure to at least know their faces.

With the device placed in the entrance, you can keep an eye on them. Nothing wrong might be happening right now but you can never tell when the situation gets worse. Therefore, it is right to be cautious and stay alarmed just in case an intruder attack.

Back and Side Doors

It would be great if you will also have hidden cams at your back, as well as side doors. Houses are built with different layouts anyway, but it would be great to place these devices in every entry point for a more enhanced security system. It does not matter how much your property costs, but it is more important to keep your family always secured.

Even doors at the back must be considered as a good spot to place the cam because most intruders use this to enter or run away. No matter what type of security camera you choose, wired or wireless, and hidden or not, don’t forget the backdoor not just for the intruders but for your kids and pets as well.

Garage and Driveway

Some of the intruders might be interested in your luxury vehicle that’s why they keep on hanging around your house. They will keep on passing by to see if your car is parked outside or in the garage. When your garage has no door then that would be an advantage to them.

I guess this only tells you that you should also have CCTVs or hidden cam here – check for additional information. It would be great if there would be another one on your driveway because, in these spots, you can watch when someone is quietly taking your car away. The main gate will be used to get your luxury car out so don’t miss this spot.

Yard or Garden

There will always be an area that would be vacated at night, and this is the yard or garden. This area is usually dark, so it is a favorite hiding place for intruders. They won’t think that there are security cameras here because you don’t usually guard this area.

Since it is dark out here it is ideal to choose the ones with the night vision feature so that it can still capture the images. Some types may be black and white when it’s capturing videos at night. So, I suggest you pick more advanced and high-quality devices for better monitoring.

Indoor – Common Areas

Place cams in spots where people usually gather, such as the living room, dining room, kitchen, study room, and hallways. You don’t need to have an occasion just to set up these devices. This is also a good way to monitor various activities of your kids and pet when you adopted one.

Installing hidden cameras would be very helpful in a house where security is strictly implemented. If you are living in a mansion or a palace-like place, then you will surely need these even when you can hire people to guard the area.

Where you should not install

You should not hide these devices in the bathrooms, bedrooms, and guest rooms because you need to respect someone’s privacy – this site will tell you more about this concern. I guess you should check the laws regarding this matter to prevent authorities from interrogating you just in case someone files complaints.

It would be great if you can check with the homeowner’s association about installing these devices. In this way, you will know if you are violating rules or not.